Saturday, November 06, 2010


Daddy and daughter!

Little princess sleeping.

Well, I deleted all of my posts about 1 year ago. Well I decided today to start up again. Who knows how long this will last.
My daughter is now 4!! She is full swing in pre-school and is so incredibly special to her Daddy and me. We found out the day before her 4th birthday that we were pregnant and all three of us were so happy. Nikki thinks she helped make the baby.....need I say more? We found out 2 days ago God is blessing us with a baby boy! I can't wait!
I remember when was pregnant with Nikki that people would tell me I needed practice doing things with babies, they would try and pawn their little infant off on me for me to feed them or change their diaper. I wouldn't. I didn't babysit when I was younger, I used to, and sadly still do, make babies cry and I wanted nothing to do with children. I was so excited to see my first child that I wasn't worried about the practice. I mean really? How many diapers do you change in the first day of their life? A lot if you are me, I was so paranoid about her being in a wet diaper, that kid had no chance of being irritated by pee! A BOY!!!!!
I am still in school, I should graduate December 2011 with my Music Education degree. How awesome is that! I'll also have my music performance degree as well. Then I get to look for a a position as a band teacher and start my career! My dream! Does it get better? I have an amazing husband, a wonderful daughter, a wonderful son on the way and soon a great and stressful career. AWESOME!!!
Well I think thats a good 1st post in over a year. Don't like it? Shut your face!